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Sphera Cinema provides Audio Systems for the best sound experience improving moviegoer experience.


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Experience Larger than Life Sound Sphera's audio system is unrivalled

Our audio system immerses you in sound you can truly feel. It puts you center stage to deliver perfect audio no matter where you sit, with its intelligent multi-dimensional delivery. The subwoofer is unique to us in the cinema industry and uses technology based on the latest knowledge of energy transducers. There’s also no need for audio technicians – simply switch between settings for film, arts, gaming, events or concerts using a smart phone.


Immersive Audio

Our mission is to advise clients on the best audio system equipment for the best sound experience in Sphera Cinemas. Thanks to our preferred partnerships with leading manufacturers, we guarantee attractive pricing and best-in-class support for loudspeakers, sound processors, amplifiers, accessibility and audio networking systems.

Sphera's sound in Athens Village Cinemas is powered by Dolby Atmos™ with an innovative transducer subwoofer as well as a completely new acoustic wall structure. Additionally, it features innovative interactive ambient lighting that is fully automated and compatible with all readily available projectors and servers. The system is easy to use as there is no specific DCP or programming required, it can apply to all alternative contents, pre-shows, youth-oriented features or even advertising programs.

The Sphera at Paris-based Les 7 Batignolles has a sound system powered with Dolby Atmos® technology boosted by Line Array type front speakers and a subwoofer for an unparalleled high-quality sound experience.

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