What is Sphera?

We open up new worlds for audiences with the ultimate premium cinema experience. The Sphera package can play host to any type of content, giving you complete flexibility over what you show, when. Our technicians, designers and colourists have obsessed over every detail to create auditoria that set a new benchmark in Premium Format.

There's a whole world in here

The Experience

Sphera’s offering is as varied as it is rich, as intriguing as it is powerful. Film, arts, gaming, events or concerts are all delivered with the sharpest picture, with the deepest bass, in perfect comfort.

Lovingly designed, our spaces transport audiences to a ringside seat, suspend reality, expand horizons or become a place to get together for talks and events.

Sphera is a fully immersive experience throughout the whole customer journey.

  • film-wheel


  • arts


  • events


  • gaming


  • concerts


Technical Specifications


Sphera is brought to market by specialists in cinema design and technology: CinemaNext, the largest cinema exhibition services company in Europe and sister brand Eclair, the colour experts with 100 years of cinema heritage. Both are part of Ymagis, a European leader in advanced digital technology services for the cinema industry.

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